Home Staging


We understand that while your home is on the market, you may still be living there. One of the most common concerns with our Sellers, is how much will the staging process disrupt their everyday life. While we'd love to say, "not at all", we explain the need to de-clutter, and stage in a way that shows a room's best attributes. Sometimes we'll stage and rearrange for the sake of the photography and everything can get moved back after, other times we will really stress the need to open up a room(s) to make sure your home is showing in its best light. An extreme, but great example below.



Digital Design and Home Staging


Sometimes, you need just that little bit extra. Some homes are just simply outdated, while others, may be cold and vacant. Interior Designer, Katie Novak, with the K&J House and Home Team, has innovated and utilizes this very unique option for home staging. The end result are photo-realistic renderings of the spaces that need a little bit of help. Often times, buyers will have a difficult time visualizing the potential of a space, or looking past that vivid carpet color. This option tackles those issues. The options are endless and it costs a fraction of a remodel or furniture rental. Included in select Listing Packages or available à la carte.

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